The Crimson Rivers

Old-school police detective Pierre Niemans and his former student Camille Delaunay tackle complex, brutal murder cases.

TitleThe Crimson Rivers
Original TitleLes rivières pourpres
First Air DateNovember 26th, 2018
Last Air DateMarch 22nd, 2021
GenresCrime, Mystery
NetworkFrance 2
Production CompaniesMaze Pictures, Umedia, Storia Télévision
Number of Seasons3 Seasons
Number of Episodes24 Episodes
Plot Keywordsneo-nazism, based on novel or book, planned murder, attempted murder, secret society, hunting human beings, cult, conspiracy of murder, hunting accident, serial killer, masked killer, secret plot, police detective, ritual murder, unknown killer, satanic ritual, murder investigation, ritual sacrifice, religious cult, occult ritual, adaptation, ritual suicide, police woman
Olivier Marchal
Olivier Marchal
Pierre Niemans
Erika Sainte
Erika Sainte
Camille Delaunay