Creepshow Season 1 Episode 2

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Creepshow Season 1 Episode 2 : Bad Wolf Down / The Finger

A platoon of American soldiers finds something more sinister than war behind enemy lines. Then, a man with a passion for found objects finds something particularly odd: a finger… and it’s growing.

NameCreepshow Season 1 : Bad Wolf Down / The Finger
Air DateOctober 3rd, 2019
GenresMystery, Comedy, Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Production CompaniesMonster Agency Productions, Taurus Entertainment Company, Striker Entertainment, KNB EFX, Cartel Pictures
WritersRob Schrab, David J. Schow
DirectorsGregory Nicotero, Rob Schrab
Guest StarsCallan Wilson, Kid Cudi, Nelson Bonilla, Jeffrey Combs, Kate Freund, DJ Qualls, Antwan Mills, Jake Garber, Gino Crognale, Dave MacDonald
Plot Keywordhorror anthology
Christopher Nathan
Christopher Nathan